Karma – a restaurant in Ein Kerem

 In the middle of the magical neighborhood of Ein Kerem dwells the 'Karma' restaurant, overlooking the exceptional landscape of 'Ein Kerem'.


The neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital is an internationally renowned cultural & religious center with none to equal its tranquil and pastoral appeal, as the high mountains and ancient terraces separate it from the main city and circumscribe it as an isle of quietude and unique atmosphere.


All these attract numerous tourists from all over the world to the neighborhood, wishing to visit the magnificent Christian sites that had been preserved and cherished in the area and for exploring its wonderful orchards.


Those who visit the area will come across walking trails within secluded alleys, comprised of inlaid ancient stones, houses of exceptional, magical architecture, orchards, galleries, a gushing fountain, picturesque churches, all dipping in an oasis of nature among green mountains and ravines.


At the heart of the neighborhood, on its main street, amidst magical scenery, the Karma restaurant was established. The restaurant was designed so as to integrate into the exceptional beauty of Ein Kerem, in order to bestow upon its guests the magical atmosphere of the place.


The restaurant is located within a castle-like construction with two floors and a terrace, overlooking the magical landscape around.


The restaurant offers an astounding, up-to-date, rich and diverse menu by Chef Erez Shebo, which includes breakfasts, business meals & children's meals.


The Pizzas, the Focaccias and the special casserole are baked immediately upon order at our indoor special stove; and let us not forget the desserts!